Myopia Control

Patient 1: YS, 13 year old male. Mother was concerned about his eyesight deteriorating year after year. Just recently got new glasses which were much stronger than his old ones.

Exam results:

  • Needs ­-2.75 in both eyes to see 20/20 but other testing reveals that he should be capable of seeing 20/20 with significantly less power
  • Has a focusing spasm in both eyes causing additional blurring
  • Has convergence insufficiency (difficulty pulling the eyes together as a team)

After 22 sessions of vision therapy:

  • Convergence skills significantly improved
  • Spasm completely dissipated in both eyes
  • Now able to see 20/20 with -­­1.50 in the right eye, and ­-2.00 in the left eye. New glasses were prescribed in the lower power.

Patient 2: AJ, 15 year old male. Referred to us by his doctor due to his rapidly worsening eyesight.

Examination results:

  • Right eye prescription was ­-10.25­0.75x165
  • Left eye was -­9.50­1.25x170
  • Autofocus skills were very deficient-­­poor range and flexibility

After 27 sessions of vision therapy:

  • Right eye prescription drops to -9.75­-0.75x165
  • Left eye down to ­-9.25­1.25x170
  • Autofocusing skills completely normalized.
  • For the first time in 9 years he has gone for a whole year without his eyesight worsening.

Patient 3: KM, 10 year old male. Was recently diagnosed with myopia at ­-1.25 in both eyes. Mother wanted to see if we could help reverse it.

Examination results:

  • Eyesight without glasses: 20/50 in both eyes
  • Focus relaxation at 60% of normal
  • Has focusing spasm in both eyes
  • Found that he could see 20/20 with -­0.50 in the right eye and ­-0.75 in the left eye
  • Gave a prescription of ­-0.50 for both eyes instead of the -­1.25 glasses

After 16 vision therapy visits:

  • Eyesight without glasses: 20/25
  • Patient reports much less reliance on glasses and better clarity in class
  • Focusing spasm has dissipated in both eyes
  • Focusing flexibility completely normalized.

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  1. Hi, Greetings. I'm from India and have a 5 year old kid with progressive myopia. He has high power on both his eyes and keeps increasing with every visit. I'm confused on the direction his treatment is currently going.and wanted more clarity on the right approach you could suggest. He had a squint surgery about a year back and is currently wearing glasses. I there something we should immediately do to arrest the problem. Please suggest. Regards
    • Dr. Benny Dr. Benny
      Hello Harsha, you said that your child had squint surgery a year ago. I'm going to guess that one of his eyes had a tendency to turn out? I've had many cases where a child has intermittent exotropia (one or both eyes intermittently drifts outward) and the child needs to work extra hard to pull the eye back in. The act of pulling the eye back in creates tension in the focusing system that often results in worsening myopia. He will need vision therapy in order to try and stop the myopia from progressing. Unfortunately I cannot assign any exercises to do without having seen him. You'll have to find someone locally that can help. Please check out Take care. Regards, Dr. Shao
  2. Anu
    Hi Doctor, My son 5 years old. He recently had myopia with -.75. Doctor did not prescribe glaasses yet, want to wait year . I saw your video about 'plus lens can prevent myopia'. Can you suggest whether plus lens works for my son with -0.75. Please let me know what number plus glasses we can use.
    • Dr. Benny Dr. Benny
      Hi Anu, I actually cannot make that call based solely on his amount of myopia. With the -0.75 prescription I need to look at him personally to know whether he has a focusing spasm as well as whether his eyes tend to cross inward too much (esophoria) or tend to drift outward (exophoria). If he has a tendency to drift outward and has a spasm then the best thing to do would be vision therapy. Plus lenses of any power would not help him.
  3. While it's true that myopia also can develop and progress in young adults, this is less common. And it's possible that an adult's eyes may not respond to myopia control treatments the same way a child's eyes do. For these reasons, it's likely that most research on controlling myopia progression will continue to focus on nearsighted children rather than adults.
  4. Your comment* I am a 44 years old Ugandan with High Wyopia of .004 with Macular Coloboma. Is there chane to get cured. I blink a lot when outside the house even when wearing the negative glasses.
    • Dr. Benny Dr. Benny
      Hello Paul, I'm afraid vision therapy won't be able to help when it's already deteriorated to that degree. Your myopia is embedded to the degree that it has caused structural damage. I would recommend you see an eye surgeon who knows how to surgically reinforce the integrity of the scleral tissue in your eye.
  5. Hi My daughter 7.5 year old has -3.75. Is vision therapy can help her? Thanks Nagu
  6. Anu
    Hello , My eight year old son have progessive myopia having -6.75 on both the eyes. Can you please suggest treatment for him ?
    • Dr. Benny Dr. Benny
      At -6.75 and age 8 is pretty severe so we should definitely try to do something about it. But are you local to us? We are not able to treat patients that we haven't seen in person.

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