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Vision therapy is a form of biofeedback training designed to change how a patient’s eyes align,focus, perceive, and process visual information. These are visual skills that everyone as infants had to go through a process of learning in order to acquire. The learning process occurs as infants go through the developmental stages of creeping, crawling, and walking. Vision therapy is typically done in office for sessions lasting 30 minute under the supervision of an eye doctor or vision therapist. In addition to in-­office therapy, we typically assign home maintenance exercises for the patient to do at home as well.


The visual skills that must be learned for proper visual performance include:

1. 20/20 vision: the brain must be able to discern fine detail in order to see 20/20 size letters at a distance of 20 feet. Nearly everyone is familiar with this skill.
2. Eye Focusing: your eye has its own autofocus mechanism similar to cameras which is accomplished by a muscle called the ciliary muscle.
3. Visual Tracking: your eyes must be able to accurately move from point A to point B as well as smoothly follow a moving target.
4. Eye Teaming: the ability to keep the eyes aligned on target at all distances automatically and effortlessly.
5. Eye-­Hand­-Coordination: the ability to coordinate your body movements in conjunction with where you are looking, important for spatial awareness and sports.

Vision Therapy is designed to improve and remediate these visual skills!


Vision therapy uses a variety of different tools such as binocular scopes, polarized 3D stereo targets, lenses, prisms, and computer training programs to provide feedback to the patient on whether their eyes are correctly aligned or in focus under various conditions. In so doing, we can manipulate and improve any of the deficient visual skills so that visual performance is

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