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I am Benny Shao, OD, FCOVD. I am board certified in vision therapy and pediatric vision development.
My goal is to treat the underlying problems that cause one’s eyesight to worsen through natural therapy.
Imagine that you no longer have to worry about your child’s eyesight worsening every year.
Through exercises done in-office and out, patients see results in as little as 30 days.
Meet Joelle and watch her results.
Vision therapy is a series of exercises designed to improve the performance of the eyes for tracking and focusing.
What is Myopia? How do you know you have it?
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Does your child hate reading? Takes forever to do homework? Unresolved vision problems can
affect reading and comprehension!
There's more to lazy eye treatment than patching Vision Therapy can help your
child's vision attain full potential.

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Welcome To San Jose Vision Therapy

Hello! I am Dr. Benny Shao, a board certified developmental optometrist specializing in vision therapy for the treatment of binocular vision problems. These problems can impact the patient in many different ways. Unfortunately, people who have these binocular vision problems usually are not aware that they have a problem and the typical optometric eye exam is usually unable to identify the presence of these problems. When an individual has difficulty using the two eyes together as a team, they can make one of several adaptations:

  • Develop a physical change in response to the problem (ie. nearsightedness)
  • Develop an avoidance response (dislike reading or ignores details when reading)
  • Stop using both eyes altogether (lazy eye or eye turn)

My goal as a developmental optometrist with my patients is 3-fold:

1. Identify the binocular vision problem
2. Connect the vision problem to the performance issue or physical adaptation issue that they are experiencing.
3. Treat the vision problem through vision therapy and eliminate it entirely whenever possible.

The typical eye exam is done in order to determine what lens is needed to get the patient to see clearly. In contrast, my goal is to identify the binocular problems not looked for during routine exams so that you or your child can stabilize vision and attain optimal visual performance for all areas of life. Furthermore, vision therapy in my practice is completely performed by myself or under my constant supervision when performed by my vision therapist. Many vision therapy doctors simply identify the patient’s problems and later hand everything over to a therapist. In my experience, it is imperative that the doctor observes changes happening with the patient during therapy so that appropriate changes are made in the therapy procedures.

Please click on one of the links on the right to learn more about various vision problems, or contact me today to help yourself to achieve optimal visual performance and health! (408) 837-7380


"I didn't know that nearsightedness can be fake or real until I talked with my friend about my daughter complained about her eyesight during the class when she was 10 years old....My daughter's eyesight problem got improved after 4 weeks.  It's amazing and encouraging!! After she finished all her treatments, she doesn't need to wear glasses and is free to do any kind of sports she likes. And now she is almost 13, her eyesight still remains stable.  I know it is not a regular optometrist can do; only a specialist can treat this kind of problem. 

Dr. Shao is very patient, detailed and caring. Highly recommended!!"

-Jackie C.
San Jose, CA

"My daughter had trouble reading even though she was making straight A's.  I was sending her to a reading tutor, and her reading was not improving.  I had heard of vision therapy to improve reading and I called Dr. Shao.  After 20 sessions with Dr. Shao, her reading went from 91 wpm (words per minute) to over 200 wpm.  She is a more confident student now, and is comfortable reading aloud in class. She is also able to complete her homework in less time.  Even though she still doesn't enjoy reading for fun, she doesn't hate it anymore.  I am so grateful that I found Dr. Shao!"

-Theresa B. via Yelp

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